The US Water Alliance is proud to release the first policy brief in its seven-part One Water for America Policy Framework: Advance Regional Collaboration on Water Management. Our current system of managing water is splintered across distinct municipalities, authorities, private businesses, and multiple regulatory agencies, all of which have narrow slices of control over some aspect of water. This fragmentation weakens the overall system, and regional collaboration is key to the future of sustainable water management. `

This policy brief identifies issues like coordination and shared utility services, governance structure reform, watershed-scale thinking, and meeting the needs of the most challenged systems. The brief connects those issues with policy solutions at the national, state, regional, and local levels. These groundbreaking solutions were identified from the insight of nearly 500 people across 15 different listening sessions.


Accompanying the Policy Framework is a seven-part webinar series, which you can now register for!


Our webinar Advance Regional Collaboration on Water Management, the first in the series, will be January 17, 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST. Speakers include:

  • Ted Henifin, General Manager, Hampton Roads Sanitation District
  • Darrin Polhemus, Deputy Director, California State Water Board

Register now for the Big Idea 1 webinar or for the seven-part series!