The Norton Sound Local Climate Change Adaptation Planning Project

This project will support the creation of climate-resilient action plans for Alaska Native Villages in the Norton Sound, and will culminate in the development of the Norton Sound Regional Climate Adaptation Plan (NSRCAP).

It is led by the Norton Bay Inter-Tribal Watershed Council (NBITWC),  and supported by the Water Policy Consulting, LLC (WPC) and the Model Forest Policy Program (MFPP)

Individual climate adaptation work plans for participating Villages in Norton Sound may take a variety of forms, and will address those climate risks most relevant at the local level.These risks may include sea level rise, changes in seasonal sea ice patterns, extreme storm events, coastal erosion, and flooding. Resilience strategies will include a range of approaches that  protect human life, local ecosystems, and the built environment.

WPC and MFPP will support tribal leaders, local  climate change coordinators, and local planners in gaining the skills needed to guide the Villages in developing their individual climate adaptation work plans. The project will also include a series of interactive and participatory webinars, direct consultations, and in-person workshops.

This project will increase local and regional technical capacity in climate adaptation,  and will create a strong regional Villages’ planning team that can serve to support ongoing climate resilience activities.