Water Policy Consulting, LLC has been the lead entity in developing...

The Norton Bay Climate Change Adaption Plan: Link to the Plan

An Assessment of Mining Impacts on Subsistence, Ecosystems of the Tubutulik River Watershed

Quality Assurance Project Plan For: The Native Village of Elim Tubutulik River Subsistence Protection Project

The Native Village of Elim Instream Flow Water Reservation Application

The Nature and Extent of the Chickaloon Village Current Water Rights in the Waters that Flow into and through Their Traditional Territories – A White Paper for Review by the Chickaloon Traditional Council

The Chickaloon Native Village Moose Creek Water Rights Assessment

Request for additional information and study; Comments on technical reports and studies related to instream flows, riparian, aquatic habitat and geomorphology related to the proposed Susitna-Watana Hydropower project

The Kachemak Bay Conservation Society Oil and Gas Leasing White Paper – 2011